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Image by Bibek Thakuri

Man In The Mirror

  • A resilience building programme to help boys make choices today for the men they want to be tomorrow. 

  • This programme consists of 7 sessions, focused on developing resilience, self-awareness, problem-solving and decision-making skills, understanding goals and fostering empathy. 

Image by Ashton Bingham

Finding My Feelings

  • An emotional literacy programme for Grade 1 & 2 and Grade 3 &4 

  • The programme consists of 6 sessions of strength-based, emotional literacy development workshops. 

  • Each session builds on the previous session’s objectives to further the overall development of the children’s social and emotional skills. 

Happy Girls


  • A self-esteem development programme for girls. 

  • The programme consists of 6 sessions of strength-based, self-esteem development workshops. 

  • Each session focuses on a specific topic covered in a 60-minute session, building on each previous topic, week to week. 

Study Skills

  • Helps children and adolescents develop sound study skills techniques 

  • Organising and planning 

  • Effective study methods 

  • Developing good study habits 

  • Coping with stress and anxiety 

  • Includes a manual 


Changes in me

  • When does puberty start? 

  • The physical, emotional and social changes during puberty 

  • The differences and similarities between boys and girls during puberty 

  • Unpacking and normalising sexual curiosity 

  • Forming safe and healthy friendships and relationships 

  • What are my values?

  • How do I feel about puberty?

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