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Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Professionals with high Emotional Intelligence have exceptional self-awareness, a healthier control of their actions, and display empathy for others.  An increased awareness of emotional intelligence helps individuals manage stress, build healthier relationships, and be more successful in work and life.  These qualities are all vital elements of effective leadership.


The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can be learned, developed, and create change within a work environment.


Here are some reasons why Emotional Intelligence is vital in the workplace :


  • It will help adapt more leaders to a style that is required in order to inspire people in different and challenging situations.

  • Great leadership is about inspiring, motivating and igniting the passion within the workplace, helping people deal differently with daily challenges. 

  • It emphasises the importance of learning to lead both from the heart and the mind.

  • Adults in leadership positions who have a strong level of social awareness and understanding of others are able to build strong healthy relationships based on mutual understanding and empathy.

  • Adults who display emotional intelligence are able to display strong skills in managing conflict within group situations.  

  • Adults with these skills appreciate diversity and cultural differences and are able to make responsible decisions and take accountability based on strong values and solid judgement.


Learning to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace is critical to business success. Emotional Intelligence, assertive communication and listening skills are the fundamentals for organisational and team success. 


Emotional intelligence in the workplace is essentially understanding one’s self, how your behaviour affects others in the workplace, your strengths, resilience and overall performance.  


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