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Programmes For Children



Worry Warriors

When our children are anxious, it’s natural to want to help
them feel better. But by trying to protect children from the
things that upset them, you can accidentally make anxiety
worse. This programme helps children learn to form a different
relationship with their anxiety and function as well as they
can, even when anxiety visits them. We unpack triggers and
coping skills.

Programme themes and objectives:

• To help children identify what is worry/ anxiety and to help
children identify their worries
• To help children identify what worry feels like in their body
(getting in touch)
• Helping my body feel calm
• To help children identify how worry changes their behaviour
• How do I check my thoughts and how do worries take over?
• Helping my mind feel calm and my strategies
• Closure

The FIERCE programme for girls

Focussing on self-esteem and confidence
The programme consists of 4 strength-based, self-esteem development
sessions. Self-esteem is a vital component of a
girl’s identity and can have a huge impact on how she interacts
with the world. When we feel good about ourselves, these
positive feelings are reflected in how we relate to friends, family
members, teachers and others.

Themes & Objectives:

• Positive self-esteem
• Positive identity and self-talk
• Body image and the power of words
• Peer pressure
• Positive role models and leadership development
• Personal integrity

These Programmes Can Also Take Place on School Grounds. Enquire To Learn More.

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