Desiree-Anne Martin

Addictions Counsellor


I am an experienced Registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor, an addictions and general counsellor with a long, impressive CV but an even bigger heart. I help people to stop hurting and to start living.

I work with people. I talk to people. I listen to people. I watch people take responsibility for their lives. I cry with them, laugh (a lot) with them. I teach, I learn, I do some growing of my own.

A postgraduate student from the University of Cape Town in 2019 (with Honours), I am also a director of two recovery-related companies. I am a lecturer on topics around addiction and related issues, and also facilitate workshops for adolescents around boundaries, consent, high-risk behaviour, emotional regulation and identifying toxic relationships. I am a trained Dialectical Behavioural Therapy facilitator and trauma counsellor.

I work with individuals, with women, with men, with young adults, couples, in groups. I am a sucker and a champion for the hopeless and the desperate. Ask anyone. I believe in hope and magic. But I am a realist and a cynic. I will tell you the truth and I’m not afraid to be temporarily unpopular.


I have worked in psychiatric treatment centres and rehabs for 9 years, with adults and adolescents, and in private practice also for 9 years. I am experienced with substance addictions and process addictions, integration counselling, trauma, mental health issues and DBT.

I am a recovering addict with over 16 years of sobriety after having been enslaved to a multitude of addictions. I am a vocal advocate for mental health issues as well as the destigmatization of these and other issues that are considered taboo by society.

I am an avid believer in hope and resilience, will back the underdog at any given chance, and am dedicated to helping others see that they can take responsibility for their lives and make lasting changes. This is what I do and I hope I can be of service to you.